Friday, April 14, 2017

Week 13 Mohammad

Blog sheet Week 13:

This week’s blog sheet will be both individual and group.

Your blogsheet 13 tasks:

1. Provide the updated computer drawing for your individual RG setup.

2. Explain your setup.

in my RG i am going to start with the photo sensor which is covered by a paper so if i move the paper the opamp is going to send voltage to the relay which is going to make the motor work the motor will pull the ball to hit the domino in the middle of the domino there is a force sensing resistor which is going to make both 7 sigma displays work and show a word GO.
3. Provide photos of the circuit and setup.

4. Provide at least 2 new videos of your setup in action, one being a failed attempt.

5. What failures did you have? How did you overcome them?
the first failure is that the motor didn't receive voltage from the relay i was thinking that i might made a wrong connection in the circuit so i cheek that and i didn't find any thing wrong so i changed the relay for three times and i found finally that the three relays that i tried is not working.

the second failure is that i didn't find way that make a connection between the the photo sensor and the relay i used the opamp to send the voltage but that also didn't work with me i am still searching about the way that i can connect these.

the third failure is the the FSR need a heavy weight to make the 7 sigma displays work i was using 330 ohms resistor so that was too much so ichanged them to put 82 ohm resistor so now is better than before and the seven sigma displays work with me well.

Mohammad is applying a light to the photosensor and the PS makes the relay turn on, then the relay turns on the motor which drops his dominoes and then triggers my switch which turns on my motor that releases the ball.  The ball goes down my mechanical device and finally triggers my second switch, which lights up the letters "GOAL" on my second circuit board, triggers the relay, and starts my timer.  Once my timer is done it will start my second motor, which will knock over dominoes and start Liam's circuit.

We forgot to turn on the power^^

This worked perfectly^^


  1. I do not see anything new. Still needs complexity in both Electrical and Mechanical parts. Your drawing is not acceptable at this point.

  2. I like your idea to use photo sensor I tried to use it but every time I had problem with it. I think you can add another mechanical part like adding another motor after showing word GO
    Good job

  3. Mohammed, your circuit setup is nice, but I guess you can add a lot of stuff for the mechanical part as long as you have that good ending. You can use cardboard for example to build something.

  4. Your drawing doesn't give me much on understanding the specs. When is an LED used? and when is it switched on and off? I've also had a lot of trouble with relays. Good job.

  5. The circuit seems like in needs more. There could be a lot more flash going on in your circuit. You have a good idea going just build off it and make it better!