Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 12 Mohammad

Blog sheet Week 12:
This week’s blog sheet will be individual but you will post it on your group blog.
Your individual Rube Goldberg (RG) setup should satisfy the following:
1. Use at least 5 of the following components:
a. Transistor
c. Relay
d. Temperature sensor
e. Photosensor
f. Motor
g. Display
h. Strain gauge
i. Speaker
j. Microphone
k. Solar panel
2. Use a new circuit: It can be a modification to one of our lab circuits.
3. Let your system complete its task in no shorter than 10 seconds.
4. Make sure you are compatible with your preceding and following RG stage.

1. Provide the computer drawing for your individual RG setup.

2. Explain your setup.
in my RG i am going to start with the photo sensor which is covered by a paper so if i move the paper the opamp is going to send voltage to the relay which is going to make the motor work the motor will pull the ball to hit the domino in the middle of the domino there is a force sensing resistor which is going to make both 7 sigma displays work and show a word GO.

3. Provide photos of the circuit and setup.

4. Provide at least 2 videos of your setup in action (parts or whole), at least one being a failed attempt.

5. What failures did you have? How did you overcome them?

the first failure is that the motor didn't receive voltage from the relay i was thinking that i might made a wrong connection in the circuit so i cheek that and i didn't find any thing wrong so i changed the relay for three times and i found finally that the three relays that i tried is not working.

the second failure is that i didn't find way that make a connection between the the photo sensor and the relay i used the opamp to send the voltage but that also didn't work with me i am still searching about the way that i can connect these.

the third failure is the the FSR need a heavy weight to make the 7 sigma displays work i was using 330 ohms resistor so that was too much so ichanged them to put 82 ohm resistor so now is better than before and the seven sigma displays work with me well.


  1. I cannot judge your RG setup by looking at the schematic. You need to have a better technical drawing. 2-5 are missing.

  2. Thanks for the updates. I still expect more complication in mechanical part. Although you have some circuit components, their use is very simple so I expect more complication there as well.

  3. I like the circuit. maybe you could make the motor stop its self after the dominos fall somehow looking at your blog I'm not sure if you have a way for the motor to stop built in or not.

  4. I really like your idea for this circuit even though it is moderately simple. Having the two 7 segment displays spell out go is a good idea. I do not see how your circuit will power the next circuit, but I may have just missed something. Maybe making the motor do something more complicated will give you some bonus points.

  5. Mohammed, I really liked your setup. Nice start with the photo sensor. I tried to start my sensor with the same thing but it just didn't work out with me. Did you face any difficulties sitting up the photo sensor?. Also, very creative using the 7- segment display with a word "go". Last thing make sure that the dominos are heavy enough for force sensing.
    Good luck.

  6. I like that your set has the mechanical part in between your circuit instead of at the end. That's pretty creative. Also I that your put an LED in your circuit just to make your circuit look more appealing.